As part of our Budget consultation process, the Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board (WECDSB) invites its stakeholders to provide input into the development of the 2018-19 Budget.

Our hope is that your responses will identify areas that are priorities for you, for our students and for our schools. Survey responses received by March 9 will be summarized and presented to the Board at its meeting of March 27.  The survey will remain open and if responses received subsequent to March 9 significantly change the results, the changes will be reported in the final draft budget which is expected to be tabled with the Board of Trustees at its meeting on June 12, with final deliberation and approval on June 25.

We thank you for taking the time to participate in the budget consultation process.
A. OUR FAITH: Question #1

It is part of our mission to seek out creative ways of strengthening connections between faith and academics.  We are in the process of refreshing our Faith Resources.  What do you view as the most important components to include as we introduce this new faith program?

B. OUR STUDENTS: Question #2

In order to focus on the success of our most vulnerable, how can we better support students’ Mental Health and Well Being?

B. OUR STUDENTS: Question #3

Where do you believe efforts should be focused on numeracy and literacy to have the greatest long-term positive impact on student achievement?


Our specialized academies are designed to create a culture of innovation that embraces the realities of a rapidly changing world.  Please choose the items you consider most critical to these programs.

D. OUR RESOURCES: Question #5

One of our Board priorities is to be prudent, wise and responsible stewards of our resources. Please choose the school building component that you believe requires the most service, maintenance or replacement.

E. OUR TEAM: Question #6

In last year’s survey, stakeholders indicated curriculum professional development was the activity that most supported employee development.  What specific areas of curriculum professional development do you see as being most important?


Please select which methods of sharing information and important announcements about our Catholic school board you would prefer:

The survey is completed by:

To help inform our planning, we invite you to respond to a few additional questions.

How many children grade K-8 do you have?

Are all your grade K-8 children in Windsor-Essex Catholic District schools?

How many children grade 9-12 do you have?

Are all your grade 9-12 children in Windsor-Essex Catholic District schools?

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